Saturday, September 24, 2011


bikini atoll was the site of many American nuclear tests in the 1940s and 1950s. it was an island. maybe because of the nuclear tests these are the fish that were affected. the names bikini atoll and bikini bottom sound very alike.the nuclear radiation went into the ocean and is there until this day. i beleive that the residents of bikini bottom are retarded son of a bitch fish.

SPONGEBOB: penis shaped nose, a kitchen sponge,
PATRICK: a retarded star fish, purple, his mouth should be where his ass is.
SQUIDWARD: always angry, his ballsack is his nose, i never seen that mother fucker ink once, his plays a flute and his head is an oval.
MR.KRABS: likes money, crabs dont have money and they dont even need it, he owns a restaurant, he has a whale for a daughter WHY? i dont know how that could even happen.

THE KRUSTY KRAB: they serve hamburgers. where in the fuck did they get hamburgers???
theory1: they rob passing boats that have hamburgers
theory 2: they rip of people genatilia, fry it, put some cheese on it and eat it.
personally i prefer the second theory. it is more realistic.

spongebob you are a fucking mutated fuck head but you are cool bye

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  1. Bad ghetto English from a retarded person over analyzing a children's cartoon.